Mali – Dogon

Anthropologist : Jean Paul Colleyn (EHESS)
Field assistant : Mengoro Sanogo, Adaman Coulibaly

The Dogon supposedly took refuge to the Bandiagara cliffs probably from the XIth century onwards, to escape Islamisation and war.

Marcel Griaule and his fol­lowers star­ted research in the area in 1931. They re­vealed a mytho­logy of such com­plexity that the Dogon be­came a sym­bol of African wisdom.

The Dogon of­fer the West­ern public a ro­mantic im­age of a people far re­moved from the tur­moil of his­tory, cling­ing to their cliffs and en­tirely de­voted to meta­physic­al specu­lation.